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Easy Access to High-Quality Care

Live in the Orlando or Tampa area? We’re a high-quality, cost-effective emergency care alternative, here for your unscheduled medical needs.

Emergency Room Level Care without Hidden Costs

Our modern facilities offer the same medical equipment used in hospital emergency rooms, including rapid labs and point-of-care, allowing us to diagnose and treat our patients more quickly. And because all labs are covered under the copay, you won’t be surprised by hidden costs and facility fees often charged by freestanding emergency rooms.

doctor with patient
doctor with patient

Faster and More Affordable than the ER

On average, GuideWell Emergency Doctors is ⅓ the cost and ½ the time of an average ER visit.*

An Elevated Patient Experience

We care about your privacy, comfort, and peace of mind. Our clean, private exam rooms include warm blankets and an environment where you can feel at ease while you receive the best care. And with impressive Patient Satisfaction scores of over 90%, we’re always looking for ways to further improve your experience with us.

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Our Services

Our emergency care services treat everything from minor injuries to major conditions for patients of all ages, including newborns, seniors, and even first trimester pregnancies. And we’re certified in Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)! Walk-ins are welcome and we accept most insurances.


High-Level Care from an Experienced Team

All of our physicians are Board-Certified Emergency Medicine Doctors who have had at least five years of emergency room experience before joining GuideWell Emergency Doctors. Additionally, our nurses and CT scan imaging techs have had over three years of experience before joining us. Our team provides patients with the same high-level emergency care as a hospital emergency room, only in less time and for less money.

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